Internet Bible Institute to the WORLD!

         Bibles and Bible Study in all major languages of the earth.

   The Faith Bible Institute desires to assist in the world-wide ministry of spreading the Word of God and good Bible teaching in all the major languages of the world. There are some web-sites that are beginning to develop this ministry. It is a great ministry with wide open doors. This Institute desires to help spread this ministry around the world. You are invited to email your desires to help in this ministry.

   The following are some web-sites that are providing Bible studies in various languages. It is our desire to add to this page all good fundamental Bible web-site of other languages. If you have a good web-site, please inform the Institute.

1. Bible in the Word:

  Albanian, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish studies.

2. Immanuel Chinese Christian Net Work:

3. Thru The Bible Radio, Dr. Vernon McGee.

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